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Innovation in Smart Technology

TechEuro is an innovative smart technology company which aims to source latest products from around the world offering high end functionality at an affordable cost.

Products that compete with the top brands like Apple and Samsung but without the expense.

Privacy Statement

Tech Euro based in London, is an innovative smart technology company which sources latest products from around the world offering high end smartphone marketing and sales, with features and functionality at an affordable cost. Our core business is via our website platform, whereby customers can purchase the product of their choice through on- line secure payment via PayPal.

At Tech-Euro Ltd we take matters such as protecting the confidentiality of our clients seriously. The company is a data controller in regard to the Data Protection Laws and in the course of its activities may pass data to third parties who may themselves become data controllers or data processors on behalf of the company.

How do we receive your Information?

• your personal data may have been provided to us directly via our website;
• your personal data may have been obtained through social media channels;
• your personal data may have been obtained from other third parties who lawfully passed to us information about you.

Using your information

We may process your data for the purpose of providing you with your selected purchase via our website: tech-euro.com.

All personal information and payment transactions are via PayPal.

It is an integral aspect of Tech-Euro Ltd function to record personal data for the purposes of online-payments via Credit/Debit card.

Statutory / Contractual requirement

If you enter into a contractual relationship with the company via an item purchase, we may require personal data to fulfil our legal obligations.

Data Retention

The retention of data is covered by a number of different laws and therefore requires us to keep it for varying lengths of time dependant on the data type.  These include but not limited to HMRC requirements, Home Office requirements, and other legal requirements.

Your personal data will be retained by Tech-Euro Ltd for only as long as is necessary to adhere to all requirements but no longer, and when no longer needed personal data is destroyed securely.

Changes to this policy

Tech-Euro Ltd may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We expect most such changes to be minor, but there may be changes that are more significant. Regardless, we will post those changes on our website www.tech-euro.com.

How to contact us

For any queries you may have in connection with this privacy statement, please contact:
Managing Director – Terence Medhurst (support@tech-euro.com)

Tech-Euro Ltd
27 Old Gloucester Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 2038852667